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  • blasts in sri lanka, US warns more attacks in sri lanka, united states warns of more attacks in sri lanka, Places

    United States Warns of More Attacks in Sri Lanka 2019-05-01 13:08:05

    Days after the deadly suicide bombings in Sri Lanka, the United States has warned that the terrorist threat in Sri Lanka still remains as active members of the group that carried out the massive suicide attacks may still be in...

    Keywords: United States, US warns more attacks in sri lanka, sri lanka blasts, blasts in sri lanka

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    famous Indians abroad, roads named after indian leaders, 10 places around the world that are named after indians, Places

    10 Places around the World That Are Named after Indians 2019-05-16 09:00:38

    India is undeniably a land of immense talent and there are many people whose contribution to their respective fields has earned them recognition globally. With their excellence and expertise in multiple fields, scores of Indians are as popular abroad as...

    Keywords: streets named after Indians around the world, list the places named after famous personalities in maharashtra, roads named after indian leaders, famous Indians abroad

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    aam panna recipe, aam panna recipe hebbar's kitchen, aam panna recipe know the health benefits of this indian summer cooler, Places

    Aam Panna Recipe: Know the Health Benefits of This Indian Summer Cooler 2019-05-15 06:38:05

    Summer is here and who doesn’t like to gulp down summer coolers in soaring temperatures? Aam panna, the well-liked Indian summer drink made of raw mangoes is a perfect drink to deal with the Indian tropical weather. The main ingredient-...

    Keywords: Indian summer coolers, traditional aam panna recipe, aam panna in summer, aam panna bottle

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    cyclone in odisha, cyclone fani, cyclone fani un agency praises indian meteorological department on minimizing loss of life in affected states, Places

    Cyclone Fani: UN Agency Praises Indian Meteorological Department on Minimizing Loss of Life in Affected States 2019-05-04 10:19:15

    The United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction has commended the Indian Meteorological Department's "almost pinpoint accuracy" of early warnings that helped authorities conduct a well-targeted evacuation plan and minimize the loss of life as extremely severe cyclonic storm Fani...

    Keywords: IMD, Indian Meteorological Department, cyclone in odisha, cyclone fani

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    asylum, black lists of Indian origin people, home ministry done away with black lists of indian origin people who have taken asylum abroad officials, Places

    Home Ministry Done Away with ‘Black Lists’ of Indian Origin People Who Have Taken Asylum Abroad: Officials 2019-05-08 09:40:45

    The Home Ministry has done away with 'Black Lists' of Indian-origin people, mostly Sikhs, who have taken asylum abroad under the plea of alleged persecution in India, officials said Tuesday. The list is maintained by Indian missions.The officials said all...

    Keywords: black lists, Indian missions abroad, Indian missions abroad, Indian missions

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    when is international labour day celebrated in india, labour day 2019 india, international workers day 2019 significance of the struggles of scores of workers to achieve 8 hour working day, Places

    International Workers’ Day 2019: Significance of the Struggles of Scores of Workers to Achieve 8-Hour Working Day 2019-04-30 05:19:02

    The International Workers’ Day or Labor Day is observed globally on May 1 to celebrate the accomplishments of workers. On May 1, 1886, more than 300,000 workers in 13,000 businesses across the United States walked off their jobs in the...

    Keywords: may day story, may day march, International Workers’ Day 2019, international labour day 2018

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