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  • Safer Self Driving Cars, self driving cars in hyderabad, indian american researchers develop model for safer self driving cars, Robo 2 0

    Indian American Researchers Develop Model for Safer Self-Driving Cars 2019-01-28 10:29:41

    In order to avoid driverless vehicles from dangerous errors in the world, a team of Indian American researchers has developed a new model that uses human inputs to uncover Artificial Intelligence (AI) "blind spots" in self-driving cars. Developed by MIT...

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    investors, investment, indian american man charged for allegedly duping investors in space related fraud scheme, Robo 2 0

    Indian American Man Charged for Allegedly Duping Investors in Space-Related Fraud Scheme 2019-05-07 17:34:54

    An Indian American man has been charged with an investment fraud scheme after allegedly promising investors of using their money to fund research and develop prototype spacecraft and space-related propulsion systems but instead used it for personal expenses. The 37-year-old...

    Keywords: investors, fraud, fraud scheme, investors

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    donald trump, donald trump finances case, indian american judge amit mehta to fast track ruling on donald trump finances subpoena, Robo 2 0

    Indian American Judge Amit Mehta to Fast-Track Ruling on Donald Trump Finances Subpoena 2019-05-10 07:40:38

    An Indian American judge Amit Mehta will fast-track a decision on President Donald Trump’s bid quash a subpoena for the financial record from his accounting firm. He will decide the full case after a hearing on May 14. Mehta of...

    Keywords: donald trump finances case, donald trump, Indian American, amit mehta

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    sonali bendre, sonali bendre instagram, i have a 20 inch scar on my midriff sonali bendre on her cancer surgery, Robo 2 0

    ‘I Have a 20 Inch Scar on My Midriff’: Sonali Bendre on Her Cancer Surgery 2019-03-02 11:48:55

    Indian actress Sonali Bendre has inspired millions with her fight against cancer. The actress was diagnosed with high-grade cancer earlier this year and had to be treated in New York. Ince then Sonali kept her fans in the loop with...

    Keywords: sonali bendre movies, sonali bendre movies, sonali bendre cancer surgery, sonali bendre age

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    robocalls, furniture company makes spam calls, tennessee woman wins whopping 495 000 or rs 3 4 crore from a furniture company for spam calls, Robo 2 0

    Tennessee Woman Wins Whopping $495,000 or Rs 3.4 Crore from a Furniture Company for Spam Calls 2019-04-02 13:14:12

    A woman in Tennessee has just won half a million dollars in a lawsuit against a furniture company because they wouldn’t stop harassing her. Earlier in 2015, Veronica Davis began receiving calls from the furniture chain Conn's just after she...

    Keywords: robo calls, Tennessee Woman, robo calls, robocalls

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    california man Ernest Quintana, california man, california man told of impending death via video link, Robo 2 0

    California Man Told of Impending Death via Video Link 2019-03-11 23:02:41

    A California man, who is in his 70’s, learned of his impending death through a video link, triggering outrage in his family, which protested the dehumanized and robotic way in which the news was delivered. Ernest Quintana last Monday received the news while...

    Keywords: Ernest Quintana, california man Ernest Quintana, Ernest Quintana, death news by robot

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