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December 10, 2016 06:50
NASA too on Pinterest!

Some people pronounce it as jif while others call it simply as GIF with strong stress on pronouncing the letter G. It is the latest tool of NASA to disseminate information regarding its out of this world adventures.

The U.S. space agency had announced that it has started using Pinterest and Giphy as two new portals to share news about its projects and missions.

Pinterest is a photo-sharing site which supports web and mobile devices. But Giphy is mobile friendly database with full of GIF or animated photos that can be embedded on your website, or as a message to a friend on social media.

On the website of Pinterest, NASA has been posting new and historic images, as well as videos showing the Earth, the solar system and technologies which allow human being to explore and study other worlds, and the mysteries that surround our own planet.

NASA has sixty boards on the site. Boards on Pinterest, are like folders on your desktop or smartphones. They serve as the groups which the users can follow. For example, if you like to see photos of Pluto, you can follow the Pluto board. It contains images taken by the New Horizons spacecraft, the first and the only man-made craft to complete a flyby of the dwarf planet.

Another interesting board on NASA’s Pinterest is Earth Right Now that contains satellite images of the planet, along with that many interesting articles about Earth studies. Earth Right Now board on Pinterest has the most pins.

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By Prakriti Neogi

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