Experts call Delta variant the most formidable version of CoronavirusTop Stories

July 27, 2021 09:29
Experts call Delta variant the most formidable version of Coronavirus

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The Delta variant of coronavirus is making several nations sleepless and there are cases rising in many western countries of the globe hinting about the third wave of the pandemic. The health experts said that the unvaccinated people are at risk and they are easily getting contracted to coronavirus. There are a lot of debates about the Delta variant which was first traced in India. The delta variant is more transmissible as per the initial conclusions. This would increase the infections and hospitalizations as per the predictions. The latest evidence say that the delta variant is also capable of infecting fully vaccinated people at a greater rate. Senior microbiologist Sharon Peacock said that the Delta variant is the major risk of concern for the world. The Delta variant is named as the fittest and the fastest variant of coronavirus told Sharon.

The experts said that there are more conclusions to be drawn about the delta variant. They also advised people to wear face masks and follow social distancing even after taking both doses of coronavirus vaccination. The Public Health England revealed that 3692 people got hospitalized in UK due to the delta variant. Among them 58.3 percent are unvaccinated and around 22.8 percent of the people are fully vaccinated. This is clear that the delta variant is the most powerful variant of coronavirus till date. A study from Singapore told that three fourth of the vaccinated people got contracted with coronavirus though they are not critically ill. The health officials of Israel told that 60 percent of the hospitalized cases are of fully vaccinated people and most of them are aged 60 or above.

In the United States of America, 83 percent of the new infections are due to the delta variant and among them 97 percent of the people who got contracted with coronavirus are unvaccinated. Several studies told that the Pfizer vaccine which is named as the world's most effective vaccination is just 41 percent effective. One more study in China told that all those who are contracted with the delta variant carry 1000 times more virus in their nose. Its high time to mask up and follow social distancing even after getting vaccinated as the coronavirus pandemic is here to stay.

By Siva Kumar

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