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  • Modern life with gadgets, Sitting down continuously, don t love gadgets for better health, Back pain

    Don’t love Gadgets for Better Health 2015-04-14 12:06:49

    The youth working in the IT and allied sectors are vulnerable to the technology addiction both mentally and physically. The more they spend with the gadgets – the more face the disorders in the life. The innovative devices like laptop,...

    Keywords: Modern life with gadgets, Modern life with gadgets, Back pain and Neck pain, Sitting down continuously

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    drink water, benefits of water, amazing benefits of glass of water early morning, Back pain

    Amazing Benefits Of Glass Of Water Early Morning 2015-09-30 10:33:45

    All of us know the importance of water and its positive health benefits for a human being. Few of us also know that drinking water early in the morning with empty stomach is very beneficial for healthy body. But most...

    Keywords: benefits of water, benefits of water, benefits of water, benefits of water

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    UTI In Women, women Health, uti in women, Back pain

    UTI In Women 2017-05-23 12:59:05

    As per the American Urological Association and National Institutes of Health, the risk of woman's to develop a UTI in women lifetime is between the 40 and 50%, especially those among the newly sexually active and those in their menopause. Women...

    Keywords: Symptoms Of UTI, Symptoms Of UTI In Women, UTI Symptoms, UTI In Women

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    computer ergonomics, researchers, bad posture during computer use leads to back pain, Back pain

    Bad Posture During Computer Use Leads to Back Pain 2019-01-07 05:45:59

    Do you suffer from a headache or neck and pain in your back from computer work from time to time? In that case, checking your posture possibly will help, researchers say. Sitting at a computer with jutting head forward to...

    Keywords: bad posture during computer use, computer use, back pain for computer work, neck

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    How to improve your posture, How to improve your posture, tips to improve your body posture, Back pain

    Tips to improve your body posture 2016-03-25 10:12:22

    Practicing good body posture is an easy and smart way to maintain a healthy mind and body. You can alleviate common problems like back or neck pain, headaches, and fatigue by practicing right posture. So, how good is your posture?...

    Keywords: good posture, How to improve your posture, correct posture, correct posture

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    Dr Sij Hemal, Dr Sij Hemal, an indian american urologist helps deliver baby in an international flight, Back pain

    An Indian American Urologist Helps Deliver Baby In An International Flight 2018-01-19 09:57:54

    An Indian American Urologist Dr Sij Hemal was not expecting a Gynaec role on his flight from Paris to JFK when a co-passenger on the Air France international flight went into labor, a week ahead of plan. Sij was traveling...

    Keywords: Dr Sij Hemal, Dr Sij Hemal, Dr Sij Hemal, Dr Sij Hemal

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