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    7 Foods That Could Stain Your Teeth 2019-07-20 07:34:31

    Stained teeth can crop up as we age, but some common nutrients, drinks, and even mouthwashes can stain teeth. It can get stained when you eat foods with colored pigment because the enamel of the teeth includes small irregularities. And so,...

    Keywords: healthy living, healthy living, healthy living, healthy living

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    french fries recipe, french fries recipe, 5 best ways to make french fries healthy and cut down on calories, Food

    5 Best Ways to Make French Fries Healthy and Cut down on Calories 2019-07-18 05:53:38

    Gobbling down french fries and not gaining one or calories don’t go hand in hand. “How to make french fries healthy?” is the most posed question from people who crave for crunchy, golden treats. Nevertheless, a few cooking tweaks will...

    Keywords: french fries, baked fries vs fried fries calories, baked fries vs fried fries calories, french fries

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    poor in India, poverty reduction in rural areas, india lifts 271 million people out of poverty in 10 years un report, Food

    India Lifts 271 Million People out of Poverty in 10 Years: UN Report 2019-07-13 07:41:19

    The Indian government over the last ten years has put special focus on lifting millions out of the property and to give them access to basic human rights like shelter, clean water, nutritional food, and education. India has registered the...

    Keywords: poverty reduction in India, poverty reduction in rural areas, poverty in India, poverty in India

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    diabetes, foods without sugar, here s what happens to your body when you stop eating sugar, Food

    Here’s What Happens to Your Body When You Stop Eating Sugar 2019-07-13 11:46:47

    Whether you are a vegan or a keto enthusiast, Sugar is something people of every dietary preference aim to avoid. But giving up sugar can be difficult as it is found in the most unsuspecting places like your crackers, sauces,...

    Keywords: foods without sugar, how to stop eating sugar cold turkey, how to stop eating sugar and lose weight, should i stop eating sugar completely

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    hot weather in US, US heat wave, u s heat wave millions suffer as hot weather intensifies, Food

    U.S. Heat Wave: Millions Suffer as Hot Weather Intensifies 2019-07-22 08:34:01

    On Sunday, the United States sweltered in dangerously hot weather, with major cities including Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and New York scorching in temperatures rising into triple digits.The sultry heatwave stretching from the Midwestern plains to the Atlantic coast had almost...

    Keywords: temperature in US, hot weather in US, temperature in US, United States

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    mission mangal, Indians, we indians do not wear our pride on our sleeves enough for our country vidya balan, Food

    ‘We Indians Do Not Wear Our Pride on Our Sleeves Enough for Our Country’: Vidya Balan 2019-07-19 06:56:29

    Bollywood actress Vidya Balan on Thursday at the trailer launch of the much-awaited Mission Mangal said real-life stories like the successful launch of Mars Orbiter Mission by Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) should be celebrated by the society and cinema....

    Keywords: mission mangal movie release, mission mangal story, mission mangal, mission mangal trailer

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