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  • Senior presidential adviser, new immigration plan, trump administration to propose major immigration reform to attract meritorious people globally, Trump

    Trump Administration to Propose Major Immigration Reform to Attract Meritorious People Globally 2019-07-17 05:24:22

    The Trump administration, in a much solace announcement to Indian IT professionals, said it is proposing a nearly five-fold increase in merit-based legal immigration and half those based on family and humanitarian system, to overhaul the outdated system. Senior presidential...

    Keywords: Senior presidential adviser, Senior presidential adviser, merit based legal immigration, immigration reform

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    donald trump, donald trump, united states launches raids targeting migrant families, Trump

    United States Launches Raids Targeting Migrant Families 2019-07-15 07:01:32

    The United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on Sunday launched raids targeting undocumented migrants across the country, according to the U.S. officials.President Donald Trump described Sunday's planned action targeting families as a "major operation" covering a handful of major cities, including New York, Los...

    Keywords: raids in US targeting migrant families, president donald trump, raids in US targeting migrant families, ICE raids

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    kidney has special place in heart, Donald Trump, kidney has a very important place in heart donald trump, Trump

    ‘Kidney Has a Very Important Place in Heart’: Donald Trump 2019-07-12 11:03:19

    President Donald Trump, in yet another bizarre comment on Wednesday, has said ‘kidney has a very important place in heart’ while signing an executive order at White House, revamping the health care for the kidney-related disease. Announcing the executive order,...

    Keywords: kidney has special place in heart, kidney disease, trump, trump

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    narendra modi, World's Most Admired Persons, narendra modi world s most admired indian check full list of world s most admired persons, Trump

    Narendra Modi World’s Most Admired Indian: Check Full List of World's Most Admired Persons 2019-07-19 07:25:24

    YouGov, internet-based market research and data analysis firm based in the United Kingdom, named Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi as the world’s most admired Indian followed by Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, and Salman Khan. PM Modi...

    Keywords: list of World's Most Admired Persons, world’s most admired Indians, list of World's Most Admired Persons, list of World's Most Admired Persons

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    democratic congresswomen, Ayanna Pressley, donald trump tweets racist attacks at democratic congresswomen, Trump

    Donald Trump Tweets Racist Attacks at Democratic Congresswomen 2019-07-15 09:56:38

    President Donald Trump on Sunday used racist language to attack progressive Democratic congresswomen, falsely implicating they weren't natural-born American citizens.Trump did not name who he was attacking but earlier this week he referenced New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez when the...

    Keywords: Rashida Tlaib, democratic congresswomen, Ilhan Omar, democratic congresswomen

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    trump’s racism, trump’s go back remark, indian americans inveigh against trump s go back remark, Trump

    Indian Americans Inveigh Against Trump’s ‘Go Back’ Remark 2019-07-17 04:49:09

    President Donald Trump is once again facing criticism and this time for his racist remarks made Sunday asking four Democratic women representatives to “Go Back” to their countries. The four women congresswomen targeted by Trump are Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New...

    Keywords: trump’s racism, Go back to where you came from, Indian americans, Go back to where you came from

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